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Positioning the Emerging TV Marketplace: Social, Connected And Multi-Screen.

It’s amazing to see the changes that have occurred in the TV industry. Just a few years ago we were evangelizing a plethora of new methodologies and platforms that had just started picking up steam with buzzwords flying off our tongues quicker than most people skip through a slow commercial. Social TV since then has seen some amazing integrations, Broadcast interactivity can be found across the multiscreen space, and smart TV has seen some pickup as far as novel Apps, advertising, and consumer adoption are concerned.

That said, with all of the developments and evolutions, there is also a deep lacking. Many crucial developments have fallen by the wayside due to a poor understanding of consumer behavior, R&D  work that has been poorly orchestrated, business driven initiatives that have superseded audience driven initiatives and failure to properly position new endeavors to both the industry and consumers.

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